Fill the international application of antibacterial fabric blank

Fill the international application of antibacterial fabric blank

Fill the international application of antibacterial fabric blank

Fill the international application of antibacterial fabric blank

Chitosan comes from the shrimp and crab shells in the ocean. Through the process of dissolving, purifying and spinning, the functional excellent fiber and its products are obtained, which has been successfully tested in Shandong for thousands of times The key technologies of high-quality pure chitosan fiber and products industrialization not only filled the gaps in the country, but also implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress and realized the large-scale and intelligent production in the world for the first time. This will enable China to apply new marine biomass materials To the medical and health industry has opened up a new road.
It is understood that to overcome this technology Hayes Moore Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningyang, Shandong, is currently the world's only pure chitosan fiber production of industrial enterprises, holds 7 national invention patents, 5 international invention patents, More than 70 utility model patents, with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance pure chitosan fibers, the Chinese Academy of Engineering expert group inspection found that in the industrialization of the technology has reached the international advanced level, creating a precedent for China's biological fiber, Fill the international application of antibacterial fabric blank.
Chitosan is a product obtained by deacetylation of chitin in the shell of shrimp and crab widely present in nature, also known as chitosan. This kind of natural macromolecule possesses the biological characteristics such as bactericidal anti-mildew, hemostatic and healing, its biological function and compatibility, blood compatibility, safety, microbial degradability and other properties are excellent The history of up to 200 years. In 1991, the world chitin society called it the sixth element of human life.
In recent years, significant progress has been made in the application of chitosan in many fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, cosmetics, water treatment, metal extraction and biomedical engineering. However, the chitosan spinning into fiber, used for textile and made into functional products, has always been a blank.
Due to the extreme complexity of the process, it is difficult for both domestic and international companies to industrialize the chitosan fiber. The main constraints are the preparation of the spinning solution, such as solution degreasing. Viscosity is extremely high, which is ten times that of traditional viscose fiber, which is not feasible according to the traditional defoaming method. Deacetylation and viscosity are the most important indexes of chitosan. The acid-base concentration, reaction temperature and reaction dynamic all affect the extraction of shell As an important factor in the quality of glycans, chitosan belongs to the edge of science, there is no scientific research in the country can learn from, there is no equipment to manufacture, professional and technical personnel is even more scarce, "said Hu Guangmo, chairman of Haymorgan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said.
In this case, they chose to study with great concentration. After 5 years, after tens of thousands of trials, we finally found a "recipe" for extracting chitosan from shrimp and crab shells. Under this condition, the composite deaeration technology was born under the vacuum separation, wiping film and dynamics.
In order to realize the industrialization of chitosan, they also started the research and design of production lines.
"R & D annual output of 200 tons of production lines, due to the viscosity of the spinning solution ultra-high, spinning shaft torsional shear force is too large, resulting in continuous cutting off the spinning shaft 4. Traveled across the country a number of provinces, could not find a able to Equipment manufacturers to solve this problem.We tried to add two pieces of cavity in the metering pump with tin foil as a gasket, it is surprising that long-haunted broken shaft problem was actually solved, and finally produced the first Approved qualified chitosan fiber! "Said Zhou Jiacun, chief engineer at 65-year-old Haymorgan Biotech Co., Ltd.
It is understood that the company involved in chitosan fiber has been 10 years, starting from a small experiment, through a number of technological innovation and development, spinning raw materials to achieve high purity and meet the performance requirements of medical supplies to achieve kiloton complete sets of production Technology and equipment, the development of a unique biomass fiber industry chain. From fibers to applications, from apparel and home textiles, to high-tech, high value-added industrial textiles, the company has also developed spunlaced / needled / hot air nonwovens for expanding the use of chitosan fibers technology.
With an annual output of 2,000 tons of spunlace, acupuncture, hot air three chitosan fiber nonwovens fully automated production line soon completed and put into production, with chitosan fiber as the core raw material weaving "Hayes Moore" successfully applied to "Temple One "Shenzhou 8 space station software tank outer bag and cargo bag, so that the company suddenly became China's aerospace partners and fame. Followed by research and development production with special biological properties of hemostasis, antibacterial properties such as "Hayes Moore" medical dressings, underwear, mask and other products also successfully "knock" open the door to the international market to achieve annual profit and tax of 60 million yuan, the step Into the health and medicine industry into the development of "fast lane."
In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance jointly issued "Guide for the Development of New Materials Industry", clearly raising the level of production of medical grade polylactic acid, sodium alginate and chitosan to meet the requirements of developing high-end medical dressings . Hayes Moore Biotechnology Co., Ltd. developed a spunlace / acupuncture / hot air nonwoven fabric preparation technology, expand the application of chitosan in medical care, not only to achieve large-scale production, and the implementation of the 19 proposed The intelligent spirit of industrial production, play a catalytic role for the development of the industry.

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