What is chitin fiber? Chitin fiber characteristics introduced

What is chitin fiber? Chitin fiber characteristics introduced

What is chitin fiber? Chitin fiber characteristics introduced

What is chitin fiber? Chitin fiber characteristics introduced

Chitin and its derivatives chitosan, with a certain degree of ductility and silkiness, are very good fiber-forming materials, as long as the appropriate choice of spinning conditions, by conventional wet spinning process can be prepared with Chitin fibers with higher strength and elongation. In the chitosan macromolecular structure due to contain a large number of amino, its high solubility and biological activity. Chitin fibers have the following properties.
Chitin fiber features a: excellent biomedical function
The macromolecular structure of chitin is the same as that of glucosamine in the human body and has a structure similar to that of human collagen tissue. This dual structure gives them excellent biomedical properties: that is, it is non-toxic to the human body It can be absorbed by the lysozyme in human body and has good biocompatibility with human body tissue. It has the functions of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic and wound healing. Therefore, chitin and chitosan are the ideal medical polymer materials, which are widely used in the manufacture of special medical products. Abroad, especially Japan and the United States have used it to make man-made skin, absorbable sutures, hemodialysis membranes and drug release agents, and various medical dressings. In China, there are a lot of applications in the production of baby clothes, because they can be antibacterial and bactericidal to protect the skin of infants and young children, and have a significant effect on the treatment of such problems as eczema, swelling and "red buttocks" Mom's welcome.
Chitin fiber features two:
As raw materials for manufacturing chitin fibers are generally used shrimp, crab aquatic products of waste, on the one hand this can reduce the pollution of such waste on the environment, on the other hand the chitin fiber waste and biodegradable, will not be contaminated The surrounding environment, so chitin fiber is also known as green fiber.
Chitin fiber features three:
Since chitin fibers have a large number of hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl group (-OH) and amino group (-NH2) in their macromolecular chains, the fibers have good hydrophilicity and high hygroscopicity. The equilibrium moisture regain of chitin fiber is generally between 12% ~ 16%. Under different forming conditions, its water retention value is about 130%. Chitosan fiber baby clothes take advantage of this feature, can provide the baby with comfortable, fresh and healthy clothes, the baby away from the red buttocks.
Chitin fiber features four:
Currently produced chitin, chitosan fiber has good spinnability. However, compared with cotton fiber, chitin fiber linear density is too large, low intensity, to a certain extent, affected the strength of chitin fiber yarn. Under normal conditions, pure spinning with chitin fibers has some difficulties. Chitin fibers are usually blended with cotton fibers or other fibers to improve their spinnability. With the continuous improvement of chitin raw materials and spinning process, fiber linear density and strength will be further improved, with which it can develop all kinds of chitin pure spinning or blended products. In addition, chitin fiber due to good hygroscopicity, with excellent dyeing properties, can be used directly, activity, reduction, alkaline and sulfide and other dyes for dyeing, and bright color.
Chitin and chitosan fibers can be spun into two kinds of filament or staple fiber. Filaments are used for twisting medical sutures to relieve patient slipping or to cut staple fibers of a certain length into spun yarns for use as textile materials; staple fibers are used to make medical dressings in the form of non-woven fabrics for the treatment of Wounds, such as burns, scalds, frostbites and other trauma, promote wound healing and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Chitin fiber light spinning, weaving processing into a variety of functional products, such as health knitted underwear, smelly socks, non-stick towels, health care baby clothes, antibacterial casual wear, antibacterial deodorant bedding, antibacterial medical nurses wear; Can also be processed into a variety of ambulances, such as bandages, gauze, first aid kit.

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