The Function and Application of Chitin Fertilizer

The Function and Application of Chitin Fertilizer

The Function and Application of Chitin Fertilizer

The Function and Application of Chitin Fertilizer

Chitin fertilizer is a fertilizer that has many effects on crop growth. Here's a detailed introduction to the role and application of chitin fertilizer.
Chitin fertilizer
1, what is chitin
Chitin, also known as chitosan, is a natural polymer material. Widely found in nature in the crustacean and insect body surface, but also eukaryotic outer wall and cell wall components. Currently more use of shrimp shell, crab shell extraction, which is characterized by non-toxic, harmless, very environmentally friendly, its toxicity is lower than sugar, widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food additives. In agricultural production, chitin also has broad market prospects.
2, the role of chitin fertilizer:
Chitin fertilizer in the mix of pesticides and fungicides at the same time with organic fertilizers mixed use, give full play to its biodegradability and compatibility characteristics of pesticides and chemical fertilizers have synergistic effect. The special biochemical method makes the organic macromolecules in the methicillin turn into small molecules which are easily absorbed by the plant, and various organic nutrients work synergistically. Unique chelation technology makes it very stable, to promote the plant's absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, strong plant body, shorten plant growth cycle, enhance plant resistance to disease have a significant effect, significantly improve plant quality and yield ** strengthens the nutrients in the fruit. Is the development of pollution-free green agriculture preferred share.
Chitin can rapidly activate cells, and has the function of "plant vaccine" to strengthen the resistance of fruit trees to adverse natural environment (drought, waterlogging, freezing, phytotoxicity, etc.), and induce the resistance to ring rot, speckle leaf spot, , Downy mildew, Powdery mildew, Silicosis, Mosaic virus, Manganese poisoning and other disease resistance factors, reduce the incidence of diseases, significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides, is the production of green, organic agricultural products of choice.
Chitin has a significant overall regulation. Improve flowering and fruit quality.
Chitin can improve the absorption and utilization of various nutrients by the fruit trees, and the photosynthetic rate of the leaves is weak (tree) to control the vigor (tree), promote the development of the spur, adjust the balance of the tree vigor and promote flower bud differentiation, , The young fruit swelled quickly and evenly, the fruit color was gorgeous, the ripeness was earlier, the light, sugar content and VC content of the fruit were significantly improved, the taste was better, and the fruit quality was significantly improved.
Chitin fertilizer has strong foliar attachment function, which can be rapidly absorbed by plants. The leaf color is rich and green, and the leaves are senesced. The use of chitin fertilizer for 3-5 times continuously increases the yield by 10-20%.
The Function and Application of Chitin Fertilizer
3, the actual application of chitin:
Chitin broad-spectrum antibacterial. Studies have shown that chitin-induced crop resistance to produce a variety of substances, viruses, fungi, bacteria and other diseases caused by the prevention and treatment are effective. It is especially important that the prevention and control of viral diseases used to be a problem in plant protection. However, the prevention and control of chitin pesticides are very satisfactory. Application of chitin on crop anthrax, blight, withered wilt, root rot and other diseases can be prevented and directly controlled.
The study found that chickens are also less commonly affected by chitin. Chitin is most effective when insects hatch into larvae. Chitin has a significant contact effect on various aphids, aphids die after 4-12 hours after drug exposure.
The Company's soil fertility workstation in the protection of the use of chitin, lime nitrogen and other medicinal functions of the fertilizer, nematode disease has a better control effect. Continuous application of fertilizer to control nematode diseases, the first year can reduce the incidence of 40%, 45% increase in yield, quality improved significantly; the next year can reduce the incidence of 60%, the output increased by 32%, crop root microflora improved significantly.
Chitin can be used as a drug release agent to extend the drug action time and reduce the dosage; can also form a semi-permeable membrane on the plant surface to prevent the invasion of pests. Therefore, chitin and its derivatives can be used as food, vegetable crops and other seed treatment agent, stimulate seed germination in advance, promote crop growth, improve disease resistance, thereby increasing crop yield.
Chitin fertilizer into the soil can promote beneficial bacteria such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria, fibrolytic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, actinomycetes proliferation; inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria such as mold, filamentous bacteria. Chitin biodegradable into high-quality organic fertilizer for crop absorption and utilization, and can effectively improve the soil aggregate structure, effectively improve the soil and improve the living environment of crops, is a versatile soil conditioner.
Chitin forms a film on the surface of the fruit, which acts as a barrier against pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, this film has good moisturizing effect and selective air permeability, so chitin can be the best raw material for preservatives of fruits and vegetables.
Chitin induces crop resistance, and some of them have the effect of preventing, alleviating or repairing damage to plant cells caused by adversity. Therefore, the application of chitin can improve the resistance of crops to cold, heat, drought and waterlogging, salt and alkali resistance , Anti-fat, anti-gas, anti-nutritional imbalance resistance.
The above is the role of chitin fertilizer and application of the introduction, we understand, you can according to the actual planting situation, a reasonable choice to use.

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