China took the lead in realizing the industrialization of pure chitosan fiber in the world

China took the lead in realizing the industrialization of pure chitosan fiber in the world

China took the lead in realizing the industrialization of pure chitosan fiber in the world

China took the lead in realizing the industrialization of pure chitosan fiber in the world

Break the bottleneck of technology and lead the industrialization in the world
November 12, the reporter held in Tai'an City, Chitosan fiber health care technology forum and Hayes Moore Medical Products project news conference was informed that Shandong Hayes Moore Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Zhou Jiacun after years 10,000 trials, and ultimately overcome the high quality of pure chitosan fibers and products a full set of key technologies, not only to fill the gap, and for the first time in the world to achieve a large-scale production of marine biomass for our country to apply new materials to medical and health Industry and other broader areas open up a new road. According to reports, the technology has won more than 30 national patents and the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other five international invention patents.
Chitosan is a product obtained through deacetylation of chitin such as shrimp and crab which is widely present in nature. It is also known as chitosan, which has significant biological characteristics such as bactericidal anti-mold, hemostatic and healing, etc. The study has a history of 200 years. In 1991, the world chitin society called it the sixth element of human life. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the application of chitosan in many fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, cosmetics, water treatment, metal extraction and biomedical engineering. However, pure chitosan spinning into fiber, for the industrialization of textiles and made of functional products, has always been the world blank.
Pure chitosan spinning fluid viscosity is high, ten times the traditional viscose fiber, according to the traditional defoaming method simply does not work Chitosan belongs to the edge of science, professional and technical personnel scarce, coupled with pure chitosan production Process is extremely complex, the lack of preparation of spinning solution, resulting in domestic and international are difficult to industrialization of pure chitosan fiber. "According to Zhou Jiacun introduction, deacetylation, viscosity is the most important index of pure chitosan, in actual production , Acid-base concentration, reaction temperature and reaction dynamics all affect the quality of pure chitosan. "Through the separation of the vacuum under the control of the vacuum, the film-blowing, dynamic and other core technology of the composite defoaming, and through the full range of independent research and development of spinning solution preparation, the final scale of industrialization into reality."
It has opened up a new road for the application of new marine material in our country
According to Hu Guangmin, chairman of the company, at present, China is still lagging behind in the field of new materials, especially biological textile materials. New products in the aerospace and medical high-end fields are in urgent need of development. This is exactly the direction of the future development of pure chitosan biomass new materials .
He told reporters that the company has built an annual output of 2,000 tons of spunlace, acupuncture, hot air three chitosan fiber nonwovens fully automated production line, from the initial 100 hole spinneret, to the current 150,000 hole spinneret Leap, a comprehensive grasp of the core of the key technologies from dissolving spinning solution, spinning to stretching stereotypes, microwave drying and other links, has been formed from the extraction of raw materials to spinning, staple fiber into the bar, spinning, weaving, dyeing, A complete industrial chain of end products. Such as woven "Hayes Moore" functional products have been successfully applied to the "Temple One," "Shenzhou 8" station software tank outer bag and cargo bag, and in the medical, health, aerospace, military, filtration, clothing six In the field, thousands of varieties of new products have been developed to market, opening up a new path for the application of marine biological materials in China to more extensive fields such as medical and health care.
"As the only R & D and production base of chitosan biomass new materials in China, we also participated in the drafting of six national standards, including chitosan fiber blended knit and GB / T medical chitosan fiber, all of which are the scale of chitosan fiber Industrialization and application of the development laid a solid foundation. "Hu Guangmin said.
Chitosan fiber is a bio-based new material that is mainly supported by our country
According to Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Consumer Goods Industry Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, chitosan fiber is the new bio-based new fiber that is supported by the textile industry's 2016-2020 development plan and is also the focus of support for the development of the new materials industry in China material. A group of enterprises, represented by Hayes Moore Biotech Co., Ltd., persisted in innovation for more than ten years and realized large-scale production of complete sets of technology and equipment for chitosan fibers. It is a landmark achievement of the innovation and development of China's textile industry , Opened up the consumer market in areas such as medical care, health and health, and adapted the people's demand for a better life. She put forward three suggestions on the development of chitosan fiber industry chain: First, continuous innovation, improve and perfect the chitosan fiber performance. Second, quality first, to cultivate high-quality consumer trust brands. Thirdly, it leads the high-end development of new areas of medical products, contributes to the Chinese medical and health industry, promotes the middle and high-end development of the bio-based fiber industry chain, and plays an exemplary role in the development of industrial textile products to a new level.
Jiang Shicheng, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering who attended the forum, said in an interview with Science and Technology Daily that the new material is the basic material supporting the strategic emerging industries in our country. It is the material basis for the development of advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. Its technology and industry development The level and scale have become an important indicator of the overall national strength of a country. High-performance fibers and their composites are the most important components of new materials. Their applications are related to the progress of human society, economic development and national defense. They are the key materials for building a low-carbon economy, environment-friendly and national high-tech industries. It is of vital importance to promote the innovation and development of the relevant departments of the national economy, upgrade the industry and enhance the national competitiveness. In his opinion, Hayes Moore started from a small experiment, through technological innovation and development, spinning raw materials to achieve high purity, and meet the performance requirements of medical supplies, kits to achieve complete sets of technology and equipment, not only enriched biomass Fiber industry chain, more rapid development of the industry has played a powerful role in promoting.
Chitosan Medical Technology Innovation Alliance was established
This reporter has learned that, in order to improve the level of application of chitosan materials in the terminal area, improve the industrial chain of chitosan materials, and promote the healthy development of chitosan material industry in China, the first chitosan material medical technology innovation alliance This forum also announced the establishment.
The innovation alliance is guided by China Industrial Textile Association and China Chemical Fiber Industry Association. The expert committee is headed by Academician Yu Jianyong and the chairman of Hayesmore Hu Guangmin is the chairman. The alliance consists of backbone enterprises, downstream application enterprises and some raw material enterprises Research institutes, universities and colleges. It is a national and comprehensive industrial chain science and technology innovation platform based on the scientific and technological innovation of biomass materials and the application of biomass materials.
Yu Jianyong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the establishment of a chitosan medical and health application technology innovation alliance will build a cross-cutting platform for the research and popularization of marine materials in China and will play an important role in implementing marine scientific and technological innovation and promoting the research and development and application of marine materials in our country positive effects. He hoped that the Innovation Alliance should step up innovation research and realize innovation from the key common technologies of chitosan fiber, the preparation of chitosan fiber products to the application of chitosan products in different fields, and the combination of industrial operation and innovation to promote industrial innovation and development . At the same time, it takes advantage of the platform to bring together innovative factors of all parties, enhances the depth and level of innovation, strengthens the combination of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and promotes the development and expansion of applications from materials to products. "The innovation alliance should strengthen innovation in institutional mechanisms and give full play to the role of all parties so that truly synergetic development and sharing of achievements can be made to better promote the healthy and rapid development of technology and industry."

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