Chitin is what chitin fiber

Chitin is what chitin fiber

Chitin is what chitin fiber

Chitin is what chitin fiber

What is chitin?
Of the natural organic compounds present on Earth, the largest are cellulose, followed by chitin, the former mainly from plants and the latter mainly from animals. It is estimated that there will be nearly 10 billion tons of biologically synthesized chitin per year in nature. Chitin is also the largest nitrogen-containing natural organic compound in the world besides protein. Only two points, it is enough to explain the important status of chitin.
Chitin is widely found in crustaceans of crustacean shrimp and crab, in the shell of insects, in the cell walls of fungi (yeasts, molds) and in the cell walls of plants such as mushrooms. Chitin is a white or off-white amorphous, translucent solid with a molecular weight Due to different raw materials, there are hundreds of thousands to millions of water-insoluble, dilute acid, dilute alkali, concentrated alkali, general organic solvents, soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and anhydrous formic acid, degradation.
Chitin advantages
Natural, green, environmental protection
Chitin fiber is natural fiber, its composition is amino polysaccharide, non-toxic, tasteless, non-irritating, no side effects, chemical and biological properties and human tissue close to its products and the human body does not exist exclusion problems, after the decomposition can be microbial decomposition . In full compliance with modern human textiles green, safety, environmental protection requirements.
The amino and hydroxyl groups of chitin are natural substances with high hydrophilicity. The density of the unit charge and the polar group of each chemical residue is very large, so that the chitin has an excellent moisturizing ability and the moisture regain of the chitin can reach more than 15% Moisturizing capacity 7 times higher than pure cotton products, skin contact feeling smooth, soft, moist. Chitin fiber also because of good hygroscopicity, with excellent dyeing properties, so in the textile process can be used directly, activity, reduction, alkaline and sulfide and other dyes for dyeing, and bright color.
3. Deodorant, ecological antibacterial
Chitin fibers are the only positive animal fibers in nature that adsorb bacteria and destroy the original structure of the cell wall, resulting in the disorder of cell metabolism, thus playing an antibacterial and bactericidal effect. For the endangering of human health Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella pneumoniae, white toadstool, etc. have a strong inhibitory effect, so that harmful bacteria can not survive on the fiber, the fundamental elimination of harmful The breeding ground for bacteria and the odor produced by bacteria. It is not as drug-killing bacteria that may cause harm to humans, and has a permanent antibacterial deodorant effect, reducing the bacterial metabolites on the human body caused by irritation of the skin itching, with anti-aging, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, regulating physiological functions, antibacterial , Deodorant, healing and other functions. Washing does not affect its antibacterial properties.
Chitin fiber because of its natural with both positive charge and moisture retention, the fiber surface voltage can be reduced from 1500 V to 800 V or less. Can effectively fight static electricity.
5. Detox, blood pressure, weight loss
Chitin fiber contact with the skin, the pores can be absorbed through the coupling of the body's anions (cholesterol, pesticides, chemical pigments, heavy metal ions), will be sucked out of the body, to detoxification effect. Adsorption lead to hypertension, the main factor of chloride ion, can prevent and cure high blood pressure, prevent effect. Reduce the body's cholesterol content, remove excess fat, can play a certain weight loss.
6. Enhance immunity, anti-cancer
Chitin interacts with the secreted lysozyme in the human skin, and its product, glucosamine, which is absorbed by the skin, activates monocyte-derived mononuclear macrophage and lymphocyte (NK) activity to improve skin immunity and prevent skin Occurrence of cancer.
7. Better spinnability
Chitin currently produced in China has better spinnability. However, compared with cotton fiber, chitin fiber linear density is too large, low intensity, to a certain extent, affected the strength of chitin fiber yarn. Chitin fibers are very coarse, about 5dtex, after pretreatment of the main body length of 28mm, relatively low strength, poor cohesion between fibers. Chitin fibers are usually blended with cotton fibers or other fibers to improve their spinnability. During the process of front spinning and carding, the fibers are easily damaged, , Easily broken head. Chitin fibers can be spun into filaments or short filaments, which are used to twist into medical absorbent surgical sutures.
Chitin shortcomings
Large density, low strength, yarn strength is not enough

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